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Question ; How shall i do my hair for the rehearsal? Answer ; Just clean dry hair, no straighteners or products please. Question ; I think my hair is to short for an updo. Answer ; You would be amazed what i can do with shorter hair, there is various hair padding, single extensions, back-combing and products to make your hair look fuller and thicker. Question ; Do i need to bring anything at the rehearsal? Answer ; If you have your hair accessories, that’s great, if not, i have a few items for you to try, plus a veil. Question ; Why do you have to start so early? Answer ; We have been styling brides for a long time, you are doing it for the first time. We know how long things take and schedule all your bridesmaids timings to give a relaxed morning that’s not rushed. Question ; Do you sell extensions? Answer ; No i don’t, I’m sorry. You will need to purchase these yourself (they will need to be real) I loan single extensions for updo's to make your hair appear thicker, but if you want long locks you will need to purchase them.